Aggregations FAQ
What do residents/small businesses have to do to participate in the aggregation?

All eligible residents are automatically included in the program once it has been approved by the Board of your Municipality.

What is the ComEd or Ameren rate?

The ComEd or Ameren rate is comprised of three portions, two of which are adjusted twice annually, and the third of which can change monthly. This rate is also known as the Price to Compare. For more information on the current Price to Compare visit

What if residents don’t want to participate in the program?

Residents will simply follow the instructions on the letter they will receive from the Supplier and the Utility (ComEd or Ameren). This can be done by sending in a form, by phone or on the website that will be provided.

Can residents opt out before the program begins then return later to the supplier that won the bid in the aggregation?


Are commercial accounts included in the aggregation?

Currently, only commercial accounts that use less than 15,000 kWh’s/year are included. This generally includes only smaller commercial accounts. Larger commercial accounts are ineligible and need to negotiate an individual contract apart from the aggregation.

What happens if the power goes out? Who should residents call?

Residents should continue to call their Utility (ComEd or Ameren) with any service issues. The Utility will still deliver the electricity and provide electric service.

Will residents then receive two separate bills, one from the Utility, the other from the supplier

No. Residents will only receive a bill from the Utility (ComEd or Ameren). The only difference on the bill is the new rate and the new supplier’s name will be listed.

If residents receive offers from other electric suppliers to switch for lower rates. What should they do?

If residents switch their electric account to a new supplier prior to the aggregation program, they will not be included in the community aggregation. If a resident chooses to switch to a new supplier, and later wants to join the community aggregation, they may have to pay a termination fee to their current supplier. We recommend residents to review the details of their supplier’s agreement There is no fee from the aggregation supplier to join or opt out of the aggregation.

What happens with ComEd or Ameren? Will they increase their charges to residents that choose another Supplier?

No. Residents’ choice of supplier will not change the Utility’s (ComEd or Ameren) delivery charges. The Utility only processes the bills for the suppliers and passes 100 percent of the revenue back to the company that generates the power. The Utility’s rates are regulated by the ICC, so any increase would have to first be approved by the ICC.

Is there a phone number to call to quickly answer all questions regarding electric aggregation?

Yes. Please contact Buy Commercial Energy (888) 791-8070 or email You will receive a response within 24 hours.